Saturday, 14 June 2008

On the road!

Well, after months of planning, me voici! I have made it as far as North Hatley. Well, as far as Waterloo where my father picked me up. So far the only real glitch was that I forgot to reset my bike computer to 700x32c tires. Thus the stats for today are probably off by about 1%. I have now reset the computer. The stats are, drum roll please: Time: 5 hours, 19 minutes, 29 seconds of cycling. Total distance: 109.32 km. Average speed: 20.5 km/h. Maximum speed, 31.0 km/h (breaking the speed limit on the Ice Breaker Bridge).
Highlights in include seeing a woman taking her rabbit on a leash for a walk in Chambly. Low lights include a bit of a bonk (loss of immediate energy) between St-Césaire and Granby. The day started nice but gradually clouded over. By Marieville, I switched from sunglasses to colourless lenses. A little bit of rain but nothing significant. Very humid mind you. This wasn't too bad while biking, but once I stopped it hit with a vengeance.


Margo & Chris said...

Go, Daniel! Go, Moose-bike!

Que vayen bien,

con felicitaciones de Tia Margarita

Anonymous said...

Oh good. Too bad about the rain, but that can't be helped. I must say biking in the rain has always been lower down on my list of "not fun things" than hiking in the rain. But "de gustibus".