Saturday, 17 May 2008

Memories of Spain, part 11

Sorry if this is late, I was busy yesterday.
This was another rest day. We spent it exploring the medieval town of Braganca. It was a relatively quiet place, but very quaint. One of the characteristics of Portuguese architecture is a passion for ceramic tiles, often decorated in blue, on their outside walls. Indeed, I have seen such decoration to a lesser extent on buildings in a Portuguese dominated neighbourhood in Montreal. However, in Montreal, it is limited to a few tiles, rather than completely covering the face of a building as above.
Braganca is graced with old, walled section of the town, complete with a well preserved and restored castle. I have a romantic fondness for castles, so it was great fun to visit this one as it struck a nice balance between restoration and romantic ruin. As well, there were relatively few other tourists around so we could feel we were alone, at least for a given value of alone.

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