Friday, 9 May 2008

On having dates, finally

I finally got approval for my vacation dates today. The week of June 16th and the first three full weeks of August. This means that the current plan is 5C, i.e. via the Défi d'Acton Vale. When I did my original planning, this would have meant a very tight schedule of times and places. However, when I was writing down the dates on my calendar at work, I noticed that as the 24th of June, a.k.a. St-Jean Baptiste, falls on a Tuesday. If I took the Monday off, I would have an extra two days for the price of one. This makes the timing of plan 5C much more relaxed. I rushed to my superior to inform her of the alteration of my request. Thankfully, it was approved.

I looked at airfares with Air Canada and WestJet to see if there is currently anything very interesting tickets for sale. Unfortunately, there wasn't. There was, however, a twist to the bike on plane pricing dynamic with regards to Air Canada. That company has recently brought in a policy of charging $25 for a second piece of luggage. Given that it charges $50 to transport a bicycle, and that few people travel with one bike and no other checked luggage, they have, in effect, raised the price of traveling with a bike by 50%. It appears, I will be flying with WestJet, unless I can find a seriously discounted ticket on Air Canada.

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