Saturday, 3 May 2008

On a very important, but not bike-related matter

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine. Her brother has been in hospital with leukemia for some time. While leukemia is a form of cancer that is relatively well understood, one of the most effective treatments, bone marrow transplants, is rendered tricky by a shortage of matching donors. Simply put, there aren't enough people on the registry to provide a high enough rate of matches for people. To make matters worse, my friend and her brother are of Afro-Caribbean descent, a ethnic group with poor representation in the bone marrow registry. Not that any group has enough donors in the registry. In Canada, there is a need for 250,000 more European donors alone.

I am in the registry. I ask my readers to take the steps to register on the bone marrow donor list. It is free, simple and just might save someone's life. I could blab about how to do it, but I think I will simply ask you to look at the website that has been put together regarding this particular case. Please register.

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