Tuesday, 6 May 2008

On getting somewhere with bikes

When I got home yesterday, I found the May issue of Vélo Mag in my mailbox. Packaged with it were a considerable number of biking related pamphlets and booklets. Some of them were for things that I have no interest in such as Vélirium 2008, a world cup of mountain biking event to be held at Mont Saint-Anne in July. (I might take after my mother and say it was nice of them to let me know about it so I can avoid it!) However, there were several useful pamphlets that I shall be saving for future reference. The most relevant of them was a map for "Le Chemin du Roy". This amounts to the route I plan to take between Montreal and Quebec City. Among other things, it lists the various historic buildings along the way.

In addition to the Vélo Mag (which I have yet to actually open!), I got an e-mail from Margo saying her daughter will be in this neck of the woods this summer and could we provide some bike related assistance. As luck would have it, another of the bits from Vélo Mag was a list of cycling events this summer. This should be fun and I hope will allow me to at least partially repay (or pay forwards) the hospitality shown to me when I have been in Vancouver by Margo and Chris.

In other good biking news, thanks to my neighbour Jacques, I have discovered a bike store, not too far from here that deals in touring bikes (including DeVincis). With luck, I have the beginnings of a profitable relationship with them.

In timing of trip news, I am closing in on fixing dates. My working plan is do the Newfoundland trip in two sections. During the week of June 23rd, I will ride from Montreal to Le Bic. Likely leaving my bike in Le Bic, I would return by bus to Montreal. I would return to the road the three weeks that start with the week of July 28.

Finally, I have Leonardo sorted out with regards to fenders and brakes.

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