Monday, 5 May 2008

On the difference between knowing and doing

I have just spent a fair bit of time installing a set of fenders on Leonardo. While the process is simple on the surface, the tricky bit is fine tuning and adjustment for which I lack patience and confidence. I think I have finally got the fenders in place, but now the rear brakes seem out of whack. Brakes are something I am always nervous about adjusting. More so with the v-brakes on Leonardo. I can see what needs to be adjusted but I am worried about my ability to apply the fine adjustments. I know what needs to be done, but I am not sure I have knack for doing.

Speaking of doing, tomorrow marks one year since Margo, Chris and I set off from Sevilla.
Of course, I should remind myself that then I wasn't quite sure I could hack the distance. I think I pulled it off with little problem.

In other news, Alice was here last week. She provided some useful advice regarding the trip as well as her expected whereabouts this summer. In addition, she took my duffle bag and hiking boots back with her to Norris Point as part of my plan to pre-position stuff with her.

My father has been kind enough to lend me an old analog, mobile phone of his. I am thinking of reactivating it for the trip.

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