Sunday, 18 May 2008

Memories of Spain, part 13

As we were leaving Verin, we past this statue in a square. We believe it was of a traditional carnival figure. In the process of photographing it, I managed to drop my camera. The case was slight opened by the fall and I was afraid I had destroyed it. However, I managed to press it back together and it worked fine. It still works fine.
We made decent time to Ourense, our destination for the day. Unfortunately, getting into Ourense involved quite a bit of cycling on a fairly busy road which upset Margo somewhat. Consequently, we made plans to leave Ourense early the next morning.
During the afternoon, I set out from our albergue or pilgrim's hostel to find a post box. This lead to a remarkably prolonged odyssey around Ourense, made more difficult by the fact that the mail slots were shaped like lions' heads and were very easy to mistake for merely decorations. I submit to you the above photo.
After a very nice supper we retired to our beds in view of our planned early start.

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