Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Memories of Spain, part 8

This day saw the highest average speed of our trip. I registered 28.8 km/h as an average with a maximum speed of 60.8. Of course, we only did 20.51 km that day and it was mostly downhill with a stiff wind at our backs as we whizzed, or to use the Margo-ism, whee-ed into Salamanca.
Feeling fairly smug, we settled in at café in the Plaza Mayor for a "merienda" or morning snack of chocolate, café con leché and pastries. We chatted with some Spaniards who turned out to be mountain bike enthusiasts. Margo ended up promising to e-mail them some contacts in B.C. One of them ended up by paying for our merienda. He claimed it was free at this café that day. When I jokingly expressed my skepticism about his statement, he said with a grin "What, you don't believe in Santa Claus?" I replied "No, I just don't believe you."
Later in the day, I visited the cathedrals of Salamanca, one next to the other. I think I preferred the Gothic old cathedral to the newer, baroque edifice. I was amused to note that this was the first church I had entered on the trip which was a bit odd considering we were following a pilgrimage route.

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