Wednesday, 21 May 2008

On only tangentially biking related matters

I was reading Polly Evans' "Kiwis might fly" at lunch time. Polly Evans wrote a book called "It's not about the tapas" that detailed her bike tour in Spain. As the title of "Kiwis might fly" suggests, this time she is in New Zealand. Not on a bike but a motorcycle.

Intriguingly, her trip started roughly the time that my trip to New Zealand ended: December 2002. In addition, she went on a day hike at the start of the Milford track (which I did). She describes a former hut wardens at the powerless Clinton Hut (the first hut of the route) as saying: "Sometimes, for a laugh, we used to screw an electric socket into the wall. You'd be amazed how many people tried to plug stuff in. Some had even carried hair dryers all the way out here." When I did the track, there was a man who was carrying his wife's propane-powered hair curling iron!

I am vaguely tempted to write to Polly Evans about this.

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