Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Memories of Spain, part 15

Santiago was so close I found it hard to wait for the parade. We had come across the Fiesta of San Isidro in the town of Camporrapado, or at least the parade thereof which was waiting for the word to start. What it lack in size, it definitely made up for in enthusiasm! There were only a few floats, the most notable being the one below. I could not make out the theme of the float beyond it had a number of motorcycles from the 1950's on it. The occupants of the float were very friendly and offered us tripe stew that rather hit the spot given the iffy weather.

They also offered us wine from their copious supply of unmarked bottles. It was drinkable if not exceptional. However, the sheer quantity of it and their willingness to share with very random strangers was a mite unnerving. Those of us who drank in the party had to beg off after a glass given that we still had number of miles to go until we reached Santiago.Santiago is a city built on hill surrounded by valleys. This means we had a lovely whee downhill before...
...having to go up this hill and reach the old city. We all had to push our way up it.We got lost in the maze of streets of Santiago before we found the square in front of the cathedral.
We had made it!!!

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